Community Roundtable Course

Strategic Gathering for Greater Impact

About this Course
This gets you acquainted with the strategy of a roundtable and what it can look like. As well as an outline of a roundtable you can use, at the end of the course.
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Facilitator Training

Pt.1 Welcome
Pt.1 The role of a host
Pt.1 Who Should Be at the Table
Pt.1 How to Share the Vision
Pt.1 Round Table Overview
Pt.2 Introduction
Pt.2 In-Person Meeting Instructions
Pt.2 Zoom Meeting Instructions
Resources: Table 71 Video
Resources: All.America Promo
Resources: All.America Online National Summit
Pt. 3 Post Roundtable

Connecting the Dots Roundtable

Session 1: Welcome!
Session 1: All.America National Vision
Session 1: Call to Respond
Session 1: Response Time
Session 2: Why 'All'?
Session 2: Intro to Local Planning Pack
Session 2: All.America Overview
Session 2: Finish Lines Overview
Session 2: Research and Examples
Session 2: Pray + Connect + App
Session 2: Local Planning Pack: Church Participation
Session 2: Local Timeline
Session 2: Making a Plan
Session 2: Discussion Time
Session 3: Introduction to Tools and Partners
Session 3: All.America Website Walk-Through
Session 3: Partner Ministry Profiles
Session 3: Discussion Time
Session 3: Commit to ALL

Form Leadership Team & Calendar

Session 4: Introduction to 'What's Next'
Session 4: Local Planning Pack: Calendar Page
Session 4: Call To Action